San Quintin Farm Worker Negotiations

SAN QUINTÍN.- More than 300 protesters tried to block the trans new account road in the delegation Vicente Guerrero, to the height of the junction at IMSS 69, being controlled by the Municipal Police, State Preventive Ministerial and Mexican Army.

The crowd gathered in the stretch of the road around 4:00 pm yesterday, asking for support to the inhabitants of the surrounding area, including through loudspeakers in the morning, trying to take the road. All day were roadside, although the order for security forces is “bursting” any attempt to block the road.

By reporting what happened, from San Quentin came riot police units, pending any eventuality, allowing free passage of the road, although the protesters remained gathered around until press time

Among the first points of the agreements, the group’s leaders said they would stop dissatisfied blockades and vandalism to allow free access to residents and businesses in the region, but also agree that what happened was not his responsibility.

Still, individuals continue to arrive advantage of mobilization to incite the crowd to commit criminal acts, even prompting them to attack the officers, causing the officers.


In Berrymex respect everyone’s right to demonstrate peacefully and we value the dialogue in this process.However, we strongly condemn violence and looting that has negatively impacted third families and small businesses throughout the region, the company released a statement uploaded to your website.

Our main goal remains the welfare of our employees and we are working with local authorities to safeguard the welfare of our employees and the local community.

As a company, Berrymex offers each and every one of our employees the opportunity of an attractive potential income a safe working environment and a culture that emphasizes honesty, fairness and respect. We know that actions speak louder than words. Berrymex has a long and consistent history of listening to the concerns of workers and take steps to provide broader and productive benefits, attractive income, healthy work environment, sure. Therefore Berrymex meets the following:

• The use of innovation and technology to enable higher earning potential workers over time

• Ensure that all workers are affiliated to the IMSS from day • Provide social security benefits to all employees

• Comply with all applicable provisions of the Federal Labour Act, including the payment of overtime after 8 hours worked and all weekly overtime accumulated during the week

• Provide maternity leave 42 days before and 42 days after birth

• Provide five days of paid paternity leave for male employees

• Zero tolerance for sexual harassment and annual training for administrators ensuring a culture of honesty, fairness and respect

We remain fully committed to an open dialogue with our employees and we continually strive to provide the most ideal working environment.


Among the points agreed last Friday in the tables for dialogue between leaders of the alliance and authorities agreed that the work stoppage would continue expressing their concerns to groups of protesters who had hoped, but everyone decide for himself.

Since last Friday, agricultural farms benefited from agricultural workers to resume work, even from the day Saturday working on strawberry crops to try to restore production.

El Mexicano

In Camalú delegation, multiple workers returned to agricultural fields in the early morning tours trucks could be moved agribusiness customers who waited on the roadside.

Faced with the threat of retaliation, workers affected by the work stoppage came with municipal authorities Camalú, asking security to return to work. As indicated, were limited resources and the need to return caused.

This delegation requested security laborers fearing reprisals by groups of demonstrators, as previously flocked to crops but were removed by individuals who took advantage of the situation.

In the Ejido Diaz Ordaz, delegation Colonet, about 170 laborers remained installed on the roadside, while a couple was on the road requesting voluntary cooperation for food.

The encampment was conducted peacefully, showing keen to avoid a criminal incident. Similarly, around counted with police forces to ensure the safety.

On the other delegations were not recorded events of greater magnitude, except false reports


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