Mercado Del Mar Rosarito


My favorite chef and I were discussing our dinner plan while hiking Rosarito’s peaceful beach at low tide.  I rarely eat beef, but, a juicy and rare filet mignon was the answer.  And where else to go for beef than Rosarito’s Mercado del Mar.


At a 15:1 peso to dollar exchange rate, that 210 pesos/kilo looks a lot like $5/pound for filets.


One surprise was the artisan bread available.  Apparently it is a quickie on limited availability.  Olive, focaccia, rye and SoDo varieties were in the basket.

mercdmbistec mercadodelmarmap

My chef added a caesar salad for this easy meal.  I was given the opportunity to grill the steaks.  I’m always nervous when grilling on someone else’s bbq grill.  That is also known as “how to never get another invite” if one ruins the steak.

MercdelMar is on Freee Road approx 1K/.6 miles south of the 7/11 Pemex, east side of road.  If southbound, you will need to U-turn approx 200m south of MerdelMar.


My super hot chef displays the extra hot version of Beaver horseradish along with her medium filet.  Gadzooks this beav was on fire.  I prefer my beef on the rare side, so juggling the two steaks was a challenge.  I also was enduring the effects of our Splash Rosarito margarita happy hour.

Beaver brand horseradish was first introduced to me at Denver’s Brown Palace.  In the five star Palace Arms Restaurant, the horseradish is served in a white bowl. The Ship Tavern at the Brown palace, a pub, serves most of the same food as the spiffy white table clothes Palace Arms.  But, the food is approx half price.  The Beav Horseradish is served in the jar at Ship Tavern.

Our Mercado del Mar beef dinner was fabulous and dessert was more Sterling Central Coast Cabernet along with the movie St Vincent. Buen Provecho.


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