San Quintin Saturday

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From San Quintin resident, “Ron Gomez” of Talk Baja Facebook:

Looks like last night there was some police activity here in the San Quintin Valley area, mostly rounding up some of the troublemakers who have been pushing the vandalism and violence of the past couple of days. Meetings between the representatives of the growers and farm workers concluded last night with a “tentative/conditioned” acceptance of the farm workers latest proposal. The two sides will meet again next Wednesday, where we will see if the growers will sign this agreement or negotiate further. Meanwhile the farm workers representatives have said the strike will continue until at least Wednesday, when they meet. They also made it clear that they are distancing themselves from those who provoke or participate in any acts of vandalism or violence and they will not be participating in any highway blockades. They stated that they will support the local police and military arresting those who participate in such lawless actions.

Meanwhile there is a semi-tense calm in the San Quintin Valley this morning and traffic is flowing in both directions. Most of the store owners are opening up for business but some of the grocery stores are waiting to be restocked after days of no deliveries. Many gas stations are closed, awaiting fuel deliveries as well. So if you are driving through, gas up north/south of the San Quintin – Colonet region. March 20:

Ensenada, BC “Today at about 4 in the morning was caught a bus, a truck, where the operator thereof, declared that came to support the event you have in San Quentin and the occupants of the truck turn too, and not only that, (come) from Oaxaca. We have more knowledge than 7 trucks are heading to Baja California. 5 of them in Sonora, come. Some from Sinaloa and others of Oaxaca, “said Governor of Baja California, Francisco Arturo Vega de Lamadrid, this afternoon.

The official said he had requested support to the Interior Ministry in this situation, “this has nothing to do with the coordinated work we are doing all authorities, marine army, federal, municipal and state, but must do with a research and intelligence that has to do with the rest of the Mexican republic, and that’s where we ask government to help us. We will not allow for any reason, to anyone outside this state, which in turn, anyone without a legitimate purpose to demonstrate and apply, come to alter the order and respect in Baja California we’ve had for many many years, not here, “said the Governor.

Without going into the details of the agreements reached at the dialogue table after the events that have occurred in the Valley of San Quentin since Tuesday March 17, 2015, after the start of the demonstration groups laborers on demand better working conditions, the governor focused on ensuring that they are moving in the subject and are present all officials and people who have an interest in resolving the conflict between workers and employers.

The protests, which according to the leaders of the protesters groups of laborers in San Quentin themselves out of hand, had repercussions in all areas.

While the authorities have not yet managed to quantify the damage, but say they are seeking figures, the affected areas are for example tourism, after the illegal imprisonment of a group of tourists whose bus was stoned; agriculture and livestock, with widespread paralysis throughout the Valley; trade, with the destruction and damage to businesses and freight trucks, besides the temporary closure derivative insecurity virtually all businesses from San Quentin to Punta Colonet; the government, with vandalism delegations and federal offices; education, with the closure of all schools; private, with cars stoned and / or burned in its entirety. And So On.

This day, the governor Vega hinted that other interests outside of laborers groups are operating in the Valley of San Quentin, and even suspected that might be politicians, particularly because these events occur within the start of the midterm election campaigns, by federal councils.

“First was the safety of the residents of the Valley of San Quentin and people were passing around. That is solved. Right now we have had no notice that no one is being physically affected, “said the governor, to continue,” Two, when road conditions present a free road.The road and a couple of days ago is free of blockages, is a free road. It is traveling on that road. Three, those who demonstrated through their actions and demands, we sat at a table in dialogue. That table was installed two days ago and is working. And four, that farmworkers who want and are aplenty be working the same, and that farmers have the staff to carry out their activities are very important, because you know perfectly well that there are activities in the field as the strawberry, if you are not attending, say three days, risks begin to perish harvest. These four priorities will have been addressed, “he said.

Regarding vandalism Governor said: “It is clear to us right now, that outside interests own in San Quentin, being reason for this”. It is not known people in the area are participating in vandalism in the populations of the south. He highlighted the case of Camalú, where the people themselves who were removed protesters checkpoints on the road.

Vega de Lamadrid, wanted not answer about the people who were released last night as they had been submitted to the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) just hours before, and where they would be processed by multiple offenses.

It is worth mentioning that the protesters pressured government authorities since last Wednesday to for the release of all detainees, about 200 people, who were in custody of the PGJE.

Some of these protesters were also released from the same Wednesday and others moved to Ensenada, where they were released too.

San Vicente has gasoline but I am waiting to hear a report of the gas situation in El Rosario. Will update as more information comes in…


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