La Bufadora Conflict Hurts Ensenada


Bajadock: Hoping for a peaceful and final resolution.  Perhaps the shops could be relocated to accommodate the new development at La Bufadora.  There is likely a story behind the scenes about the land ownership conflict and the new development.  Someone in a leadership position could make this a win win situation.  Something needs to happen soon.

El Mexicano

The prevailing conflict between the Ejido Esteban Cantú and commercial traders La Bufadora has significantly impacted tourism in Ensenada, as it was one of the main attractions for cruisers who have chosen to reduce their views, said Tourism Minister in Entity, Oscar Escobedo Carignan.

Escobedo Carignan explained that there is an eviction order dictated by a judge who has not been able to take on 2 occasions, but will eventually be accomplished, as the resolution indicates where traders are located is an area that belongs to the Ejido Esteban Cantu therefore have to be removed.

From the point of view of tourism, the state official said the area has great potential Bufadora is even competing with other parts of the world with a major draw for this is that the SECTURE has a project to detonate the area of ​​Ensenada , including the road, so that the flow increases.

He mentioned that are only waiting for the judge’s order will abide even reported that already existed a first approach between the Ejido and traders, so that may be established legally.

“It means that when the judge’s order, which eventually will be because there is an instruction and will have to run, and there is an agreement between traders and the Ejido for that business can give, run obviously not going to be able give to everyone because not all merchants is recommended to be there, the strategy is to have a linear park from the road to the Bufadora with economic development, trade and that this pace of global developments, “he said.

Tourism Secretary acknowledged that this conflict has negatively impacted the sector in Ensenada, since for the cruise lines Bufadora is one of the most important and sold, to the extent destinations that half of them had this area as the main attraction, but conflict with the Wine increased their visits.

“The increase is not so much because it has increased the influx, since most of those attending are from Mexicali, but particularly cruises are interested in the topic of Bufadora, but is an issue that we need to have well-pressed, It is a challenge for us and certainly for the Municipality of Mexicali, “he said.

Finally Oscar Escobedo Carignan ruled that cruises have stopped going on the instructions of the authorities, because they themselves have changed the path to realize that there are work stoppages, clashes and police presence.


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