Leading Journalist Fired


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – One of Mexico’s most prominent journalists, whose team revealed a conflict-of-interest scandal ensnaring President Enrique Pena Nieto last year, has been fired, her employer MVS Radio said on Sunday.

Late last year, reporter Carmen Aristegui exposed that Pena Nieto’s wife, Angelica Rivera, was in the process of acquiring a luxury house from a government contractor that won millions of dollars in state business.

It later emerged that both Pena Nieto and his finance minister had also purchased houses from government contractors.

The revelations damaged Pena Nieto’s reputation, compounding a deep political crisis triggered by his government’s handling of a probe into the disappearance and apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers in September.

Last week, MVS Radio and Aristegui publicly locked horns over a brand-new platform for investigative journalism called Mexicoleaks.

The company contended that Aristegui and her team offered MVS’s name and funding for Mexicoleaks without authorization.

MVS subsequently fired two of her star investigative reporters due to “loss of confidence”, prompting Aristegui to insist that reinstatement of her reporters was an “absolute condition”.

“Instead of firing them, we should be giving them prizes,” Aristegui said on her morning radio show.

The events have inspired a torrent of Tweets supporting Aristegui under the hashtag #EndefensadeAristegui (in defense of Aristegui).

In its statement on Sunday, MVS Radio said “as a company, we can’t accept conditions and ultimatums from our collaborators.”

(Reporting by Joanna Zuckerman Bernstein; Additional reporting by Jean Luis Arce; Editing by Simon Gardner)


DaBite 58 minutes ago:There is no freedom of speech in Mexico! The entire media is controlled by Pena Nieto and its PRI party, Televisa is the main master of puppets who actually provided Pena Nieto with his poorly educated soap opera actress wife and political publicity in exchange of protection to continue the monopoly. Carmen Aristegui was the last person with access to a national channel of communication who was still communicating and reporting with veracity the government wrong doings in alliance with some of the big companies, tv networks and drug cartels. Entire political propaganda worth millions of dollars had been paid by the local drug cartels and other political contenders had been eliminated by those too. Is a frigging twisted country! There is no solution to so much corruption, there is not a single government agency that you can trust. Only the citizens of the country can do something about it. If they really want that change.

The US government should cut ties and visits with the Mexican Government in protest of violation of human rights and cartel conections, people in Mexico is tired of watching how Obama and many other world leaders continue to give access to Pena Nieto and its drug cartel-political party. Enough!


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