Secret Spots in Mexico

If I could sum up in one word Mexico … without hesitation would use the magic word. And is that beyond the problems experienced today, whether social, political or economic, my country never ceases to amaze every day. Especially when I see amazing landscapes that leave you speechless, extraordinary geology and especially the warmth of its people who greets you with a smile.

I hope like me, enjoy this collection of places, most still unknown to many, that surely will be added to your list of trips undertaken.


1 ¡Vamos a ESQUIAR!

Monterreal is an alpine ski resort located southeast of the state of Coahuila in the town of Arteaga. It is located 40 minutes from the city of Saltillo and 90 minutes from the city of Monterrey.

The development has a primary runway length of 230 meters, a slope at 20 degrees inclination on the natural land that is considered technically blue track and also has a tennis learning and sledges with length of 145 meters.

On site there are two ski slopes with facilities for learning this sport throughout the year, you can ski on natural snow in the months of December and January. Believe it or not Yes it is in Mexico!



Just pass the first six months of the year and in the municipalities of Nanacamilpa and Españita all pregunan why shine? … Just a little closer and realize that the light comes from fireflies during the months of June, July and August tlaxcalteca take possession of natural space and as every year come here to mate providing a natural spectacle that will leave you breathless.

Walk the trails in the forest lighted only by the star-filled sky and luminescence of fireflies where only brief murmur of the wind and animals will be an experience you will never forget is heard.



The caves of Bustamante , also known as the Palmetto caves are located 107 kilometers northwest of Monterrey and seven kilometers southwest of the county seat of Bustamante. They have very little being a resort for your municipality, actually had saved for their local and researchers.

The discovery of these caves dates back to 1906 and is attributed to a farmer in the region while he was looking palm in the Sierra de Gums, when he noticed a small hole in the top of the mountain so he decided to dig until could enter a cave and to his surprise found a great variety of stalactites and stalagmites inside.


This corner is called Clouds and definitely the name is worth , is located on the edge of the Lacandon Jungle and the Biosphere Reserve of Montes Azules. It is the largest rainforest in Mexico and a natural space of just 1% of the country covering more than 20% of biological diversity.

It is also the place with the highest concentration of animal and plant species in North America, so it plays an important role in the ecological and climatic balance of the continent.


Espiritu Santo Island, is 19 miles long and three miles wide. It has dozens of beautiful bays, rich marine life, terrestrial reptiles, birds and amphibians. This desert more than nine thousand hectares is one of the best preserved ecosystems in Baja California.

Espiritu Santo Island is a marvel of conservation and natural evolution. The only creatures who claim this land as their home are sea lions, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and when their season, gray whales and sharks gray.

If you like to live with these sea creatures you should definitely visit the island!


Barely fifty kilometers south of Ciudad Juarez are a fascinating place. One goes to him by the Pan American Highway through the beautiful Chihuahua plain. The horizontal lines of flat ground give way to smooth curves, while the sparse vegetation ends up disappearing. And then the classic image of the desert arises, the majestic and vast and paralyzed sea sand waves show: the dunes of Samalayuca.


La Reserva de Sian Ka’an means gate of heaven or l ugar where the sky begins is a protected heritage site by UNESCO since 1987. It is located on the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo countryside. The nature reserve is the Mexican Caribbean’s largest with more than 650,000 hectares. In its size there are about 25 archaeological sites unexplored. This natural paradise is almost untouched areas with mangroves, beaches, lagoons and countless wildlife.


The opal mines La Carbonera are located in the community of La Trinidad, 5 minutes from Tequisquiapan. On this site people live mainly from mining and opal.
This corner which is dedicated to the exploration and production of this semiprecious stone. There you will discover the methods of finding the miners and the workshop where this stone is worked to turn into jewelry.



It is very common to meet lakes, but this is not any, carries a sentence of more than six centuries, since I was still a sacred space Purépecha Empire. It is so surprising immobility of the waters of Lake Camécuaro, the silence of their so deep waters and shadows that create the huge branches, upon entering this lake is like disconnects from all noise, all some concern, and quit your soul connects with Lake invites you to relax. Addressing a boat and paddle for its canals you will see that, unlike other lakes, the banks here are the roots of the Sabines, twisted, muscular and ghostly shapes trees.


In the bay of Santa Maria , in the state of Sinaloa, contrasting with the blue sky hundreds of frigate birds that are deep black plumage, b obos blue footed boobies, terns, gulls, skimmers, black ducks, terns, earwigs, in … so are thousands of birds of 116 species which are played throughout the 54,000 hectares covering this endless bay.

Even some of the magic of this place is that you can see in the distance a Chilean boat stranded at sea, has more than 20 years and has become part of this beautiful island. Undoubtedly has charm!



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