Ensenada Saturday


This was the scene on Lopez Mateos at El Patio Bar last Saturday.  Word was that the good ole boy patron threw several Ben Franklins at this gang to play for hours.


Anyone know who owns the ENSENADA license plate?  Could be worth some money.puntamorromarchset

puntamorromarchpbView toward my ‘hood with calm waters and a small splash on the rocks.


Octopus, chorizo, olives and veggies in a simple olive oil and garlic dressing was delicious at Punta Morro.  The pulpo(that’s the funny guys with the suction cups) was as soft and sumptuous as I have ever had.  Regular guy and friend of the bar explained that the chef usually buys the pulpo from fisherman on the rocks outside the restaurant.  That’s kind of fresh, eh?

Close observers may observe the excellent margarita, the chicken liver pate and fun butter to accessorize our tentacle tossup.

One caution about Punta Morro’s outdoor patio.  The sunset is moving northward with spring and that means that the sun bubbling into the ocean is not visible from the 3 tables “on the rocks”, south side of restaurant.

We also made a quick stop in at Cafe Arabiga this Saturday.  The cafe was full and brimming with energy.  We enjoyed an espresso and a cafe y leche for a break.


Downtown Ensenada was doing a decent business, though we were a bit early for the music scene.

I enjoy centro ‘Nada and people watching on weekends.


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