Fish Steps La Bufadora Hike


Wednesday’s hike follows a clockwise trail down to the fisherman’s steps where they hop on pangas to the larger boats at Puerto Escondido. Then went over to La Bufadora for the power line climb and back up to Colonia Puerto Escondido.


These steps down to the water are located on the map at the southernmost spot of the hike trail.  My count was approx 80 concrete steps, but, I lost track due to my aluminum walker getting in the way.  As usual, click small pix to enlarge.

pefishstepfloaters pefishstepkennedy pefishsteprocks

pefishsteppelicans2 pefishsteprocksteps pefishsteppe

Five miles, 1300+ vertical feet climb and lots of birds highlighted the hike.  Weight workout, bodyweight workout and hike got me well past 1,000 calorie output for the morning.

Mini geyser blast below, or maybe a closeup of my skin and scar healing by my eye.



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