Pub Taco Bar


Sunday night rain provided a great opportunity for my guests’ last supper before their exit to baseball spring training in Arizona.

Juan and Ana went out for comida para llevar(that’s “to go” food for y’all) at Carnitas 2 Hermanos.  Two whole rotisserie chickens, tortillas, salsa and veggies can be had for a whopping 160 pesos.  That’s approx $11.50USD for the feast.  “C2H” is located just south of Ens airport, same block as Tacos Original, ocean/west side of hwy1/Reforma.


pubjatacostorts  carn2hermmap

We added Coca Cola simmered onions, guacamole, cheese and Herdez Chipotle salsa.  Also scored a new treat of spinach infused flour tortillas(secret store location).  The flavors and crunchy+sloppy textures provided a warm respite from the cool(50F) and rainy evening.

pubjatacoschick  pubmarchfireplace

After food storage and cleanup, we relaxed in the Pub lounge and were entertained by our tech staff struggles with connecting the DVD player for first time in months.  Fireplace was much easier to ignite than the DVD.


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