Ruths Chris Happy Hour


A new favorite happy hour is Ruths Chris on Harbor Drive in San Diego.  We showed up at 5PM to enjoy some food and beverages.

The bar seating was completely full, so I asked if we could enjoy appeteasers and drinkies at a dinner table.  The problem is that they do not provide the happy hour drink and app price bargain in the dinning area.  But, they did suggest the outdoor patio.


Outdoor patio overlooking the harbor?  Who knew?

The steak sammich with thebestfriesever  was a good split for 2 people.  We ordered the fries med-well done for crispy skin.  Fries are bathed in salt, pepper, garlic and paprika.  Will have to try this at home.


Next course was seared, spicy ahi tuna.  The sauce was beer, dry mustard and soy sauce.  Ginger, onions, peppers and zuch garnich were a nice add to each medallion of tuna.


Enjoying a San Diego weekend.  Hope yours is grand.


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