Tramo de la Muerte

Bajadock: Saw this scene before noon just north of the hill that descends into the Maneadero agriculture valley.  Looks more substantial than the quick patch attempt a couple of years ago.
The morning of Wednesday 25 February, Public Works staff and Maneadero ejidatarios got to start patching the Tramo de la Muerte(“flight of death”), which consists of the highway of former ejido Chapultepec
Maneadero, in which plans to invest about 600 thousand dollars, money donated by landowners and businessmen Maneadero.Raymundo Carrillo Huerta, president of the Nationalist ejido Sanchez
Taboada recalled that the work will be conducted with money donated by landowners, businessmen Maneadero State Governor
Francisco Vega de la Madrid and Deputy Marco Novelo after
put the Start the program “takes a bump.”Carrillo Huerta recalled that the companies that have contributed to the cause are: Agro Costa, Quimical, I Cassa; Sahara, IQ Medical as well
as the ejido itself and entrepreneurs who have preferred that their names not be published.

It is noteworthy that an engineer from the ejido will be responsible for reviewing the work is carried out in a timely manner, they donated to be invested in the “flight of death”.

In the work of patching are working two gangs
Municipal Public Works Department who will repair the stretch, same as plans move forward about 10 square meters per day. Initially it was proposed to make 5 square meters, but to see the area the mayor gave the instruction to redouble efforts to bring the work promptly.

The work began patching former ejido Chapultepec to Maneadero, ie, from north to south; it is expected that in the morning a gang opens in tabular entire area has to bachear and other asphalt fills up the place indicated, that in the end a compact machine state ready.

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