Cafeteria Monique Ensenada


Visited Cafeteria Monique for first time on a quiet Friday afternoon.  This restaurant is located at 9th and Espinoza, right across the street from the cop shop.


I had some time to kill before an appointment in this area of Ensenada and decided to check out their wifi internet and grab a late lunch.  The green chile chicken enchiladas were moist and delicious.  The photo makes them look very bland,  but this 100 peso treat helped bridge my gap until my planned dinner after sunset.

The red salsa w/ chips looked canned, but, it was full of fire, wowzillas.


I wonder what stories these old bar stools could tell.  I imagine this spot being very busy at breakfast.  Notice the multiple copies of local newspapers at the bar.


Only challenge I had was an iffy wifi setup here.  Hope it was temporary.  Got to have wifi when I’m in downtown Ensenada.   After several tries, finally was able to get a stable connection.  Check out the shine on those tables and the floor.  Clean.

“Cafeteria” is another false cognate word thingy.  If the image of your high school lineup of plastic trays sliding along the rail to collect mystery meat and smashed potatoes comes to mind, Cafeteria Monique ain’t that.  The word simple refers to a cafe.

Breakfasts and traditional Mexican lunch dishes are served here.

Will return to Cafeteria Monique for the breakfast crowd.

646-716-4041  Cafetera Monique Facebook Page   7am – 5pm daily





  1. Posted February 25, 2015 at 17:36 | Permalink | Reply

    used to be a regular stop for Vince and me. there food is quite good!

  2. Ensenada Aaron
    Posted September 7, 2017 at 13:50 | Permalink | Reply

    Sounds like another visit is due as they’ve super-upgraded their Wi-Fi 😉

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