Tijuana Calle Segunda OPEN


map by Bajadock’s expert staff of cartographers; thanks to intrepid reporter Shay Rhone for eyewitness news confirmation on Monday 23 Feb.  Ms Rhone did complain about a delay due to lettuce and crouton debris on Av. Revolución 

San Diego Red 16 Feb

TIJUANA Tijuana City Council advises that since the night of Sunday lanes that make up Second Street will be open for traffic flow; although it was already clear the stretch of the River Canyon Area K, today was enabled to transit the area corresponding Canyon Avenue K to M; with this, is open to the entire road traffic.

The mayor, Jorge Astiazarán Orci, went to tour the work area where the Urban Comprehensive Rehabilitation is performed Second Street, to make sure the vehicle creek is clear to motorists and pedestrians, and thereby reduce their travel time while The book concludes.

“Starting tonight, Second Street will be available for traffic to flow regularly. The result of this project can be seen in the reconstruction of all roads and street lighting was changed, and all services were improved with relaying “, said the mayor.

In this regard, the Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology, Roberto Sánchez Martínez, reported that as part of the work done on the road, will continue with yard work, adequacy of sidewalks, poles and removal of electrical and telephone lines. However, crews will be installed on the sides of the street to avoid interrupting traffic.

“With the opening of the road, you can move without difficulty from the River Zone to subdivisions located on route to Playas de Tijuana; and also use the street to go to the downtown area. The lanes will remain enabled in both directions, from the section that begins on the street González Ortega, “said the secretary.

It should be added that the Comprehensive Urban Rehabilitation Second Street included the improvement in public services for 300,000 Tijuana, as well as the reconstruction of hydraulic concrete in 22 000 200 square meters of roads, and construction of a storm of 360 meters, among others.

To enable traffic lanes were present directors of Works and Municipal Urban Infrastructure, Norman Bórquez Domínguez; Municipal Utility, Salvador Padilla Fitch; Construction assistant principals, Didio Alberto Meza Téllez; Urban Maintenance, Bautista Enrique Corona; as well as elements of Public Safety, and area residents

– See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=es&u=http://www.sandiegored.com/noticias/61140/Calle-Segunda-ya-esta-totalmente-abierta/&usg=ALkJrhiUtLEDe0zLJHkCYTHaqpCe0TUysQ#sthash.ZwUrGNy6.dpuf


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