Maneadero Hwy 1 Repair

With around 300 cubic meters of asphalt, donated by landowners, businessmen and residents of Maneadero, next Monday will begin patching jobs in the so-called “Flight of Death”.
Asphalt whose cost exceeds half a million pesos, will be applied in the stretch spanning from the fall of former ejido Chapultepec up Maneadero.
Raymundo Carrillo Huerta, president of Ejido Nationalist Sánchez Taboada recalled that the asphalt was obtained as part of the campaign “Adopt a bump,” which seeks to end both bump that exists in the section that gives access to Maneadero.
It is anticipated that the work, said that the work performed by employees Municipal Utility, starting next Monday, are developed in sections 100 square meters per day, which employ a crew of seven.
The company that provided the asphalt is Excel entrepreneur Luis Guevara and businesses who have donated asphalt are: Agro Costa, Quimical, I Cassa; Sahara, Medical IQ and the ejido itself and entrepreneurs who have preferred that their names not be published.
To prioritize transparency, Carrillo Huerta, said information will be given in detail on avaneces.
“One of our engineers will be responsible for reviewing the work is carried out in a timely manner, they donated to be invested,” he explained.
He regretted the lives of many families and friends of the Nationalist ejido Sanchez Taboada that has claimed the “Flight of Death”.
“It is therefore our urgency, so our demand,” he explained.
Use caution
Carrillo Huerta advised the community to take precautions because when you start the work will be closed some stretches of the road, so it’s important to leave in time to your destination and avoid accidents.



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