Hike Arbolitos Punta Banda


Wednesday workout was a hike out to Arbolitos.  I spot new things every time I visit that rocky scene.  The beauty reminds me of a guy buying some of my household stuff in Colorado from Craigslist.  I was remodeling my house and contemplating living in Ensenada or La Paz.  “Baja?  There’s nothin’ but rocks an desert there!”.  Yup.

Click the little fellers for full size pix.  For you non-locals, this is my neighborhood, on the south side of Ensenada Bay, Baja California.

arbolitosswest arbolitosroly aarbolitoscovealtaThere are dozens of little coves and rock beaches along this half mile of coast.  Lands end above is Camp 9 aka “Windmill Point”.

arbolitoscliff1 arbolitospool arbolitoswallCliff that apparently claimed 2 victims within weeks of each other in 1999, a pool and a rock formation that cracks open for some vegetation.  Remind me of Red Rocks park in Colorado.

aarbolitosescalera2 arbolitoswashclose arbolitosrockwall

A stairway down to the rocks, a waterfall and a fortress wall.

arbolitoscactus arbolitoscenturytickle arbolitosscarsCactus, agave shawii attacked by snakes and scars that make my face look young and pretty today





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