Camp Kennedy Hike Punta Banda


I’m supposed to resting without exertion this week to recover from a minor surgery.  “No weight lifting, no stressful exercise that would elevate your blood pressure.”, says my MD.  But, it is just too nice outside and the couch and I are having a spat.  Camp Kennedy hike is one of my standard easy treks at approx 4 miles.  Photo above shows the small rock peninsula(south end of hike on map below) that was my photo platform.  Click small pix to enlarge.


pbkennedycoast pbkennedychimneyrock pbkenndywmillThere was some haze in the air.  Oh, and this amateur photographer needs some photo skills polishing.  And a telephoto lense, Santa!  Love the Virgin Guadalupe brochure someone left for me in the funky chimney rock.   Suggest helping only one virgin at a time.

pbkennedyrocks  pbkennedy2birds pbkennedynorte

Lots of things come to mind in middle rock image.  I see child in hoodie on left with outstretched arms hugging woman.  Above/right photo is reverse view(north) of first photo.


This view is up to my hood.  Colonia Puerto Escondido(aka “Hillbillies” or “Cloud Crowd”) is in partial clouds in this shot.  At 850 feet above sea level, the views from our hill are spectacular.



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