Carnaval Breathalyzers


El Mexicano

Municipal Health Services Personnel assigned to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, prepares to take part in the operation

operative to be applied during Carnival that will detect if drivers have consumed alcohol in amounts that put at risk their safety and that of others.

The director of the agency, Heriberto Lugo Gamboa said detecting alcohol levels provided with the breathalyzer, a device to blow into it provides parameters that su-gieren the degree of intoxication.

Besides what marks the breathalyzer, doctors apply other tests that determine the involvement of alcohol in the individual especially reflexes, making it dangerous to drive.

There are 13 doctors assigned to Public Safety agency where they work different shifts 24 hours 365 days a year in police stations, where they meet certification tasks essence (alcoholic breath, incomplete and complete drunk drunkenness); as well as physical, this is the condition in which a detainee arrives in classifying lesions.

Doctors pay a monthly report of all cases handled, which in 2014 represented over 40,000 certifications, amount to be reduced compared to 2013 was 46,000.

Breathalyzers are devices that provides the State Government before each operating at, they are tested in operation and a log of calibration for optimum performance takes, which avoid mistakes and made allegations of legal character.

Lugo Gamboa said that operating the breathalyzer makes the Public Safety imposed the day, place and time;so doctors only are called to participate when put into practice.


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