Once Coffee and Tea Ensenada


Either you decided to wander away from Ensenada’s tourist zone or took the 10th/9th street downtown bypass to avoid demolition alley during the Spring of 2015.  Whatever decision puts you inland of Ensenada centro, where to stop for lunch, coffee or tea break?

Just discovered Once Coffee and Tea at Espinoza and 11th(thus “Once”).   Mapped on the Ensenada Interactive Map, one block east of Bara Azul. First impression was clean as staff was busy cleaning empty tables and the outside seating areas during my visit.


The, I noticed the good variety of sandwiches and eccentric teas available.  During warm weather or in the afternoon, I very much enjoy a cool tea.  Mango is my new favorite.

Sandwiches/wraps are in the 40 – 60 peso range($3 -$4 USD).  Coffee and tea is 25 to 40 pesos.

Staff is alert and friendly.  Wifi is good and is printed on the menu board.  I have written before about cafes that seem to hide their wifi info or require patrons to beg vs. offering the service with enthusiasm as you pay.

0730AM – 10PM.

“Not sure if awesome tea or just hot baristas” note at bottom of menu photo let you know they have humor.

Once Facebook Page



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