Evict Walmart, Home Depot?


Millions Lost suffer Walmart, Home Depot and Macroplaza Sea Ensenada after a judge ruled that Carlos Alberto Tavarez Newman and his company Brisas de Baja California that sold the land, did by falsifying a signature which nullifies procurement and contracts .

The impact will also resented Banorte, who made a loan of $ 12 million to build Macroplaza del Mar and were secured by the same shopping plaza whose contract is void, thereby disappearing guarantees.

Jesus Alberto Ayala Uriah attorney Graciela Quintero Oceguera Universal Heir and Executor of the estate of Carlos Meza Tavarez unveiled the first instance judgment of the Second Civil Court of Tijuana that solved the Absolute Nullity of the Assemblies held Carlos Alberto Tavarez Newman to become social capital and shares of corporations that belonged to his father Carlos Alberto Meza Tavarez forging your signature.

Documents held by Ensenada. Net indicate that the invalidity of the judgment reaches to Home Deppot and Walmart who bought in good faith to real Brisas de Tavarez Newman, erogando about 3 million.

A Banorte paid $ 12 million and took credit as collateral own Macroplaza del Mar, that the judgment becomes Inmobiliaria Pacific and rents also seized since 2010.

The process begun on December 6, 2006 was resolved in the first instance in October 2014, and a few days ago was notified process that lasted seven years.

This statement was achieved by Ordinary Commercial Trial that there are still other instances to check prior to a determination of whether it will proceed to evict Macroplaza, Home Depot and Walmart.

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