Ugly Dance of 2014

Juan Carlos Dominguez
photos. Enrique Botello
February 9, 2015 at 12:00:00

After a 2014 that will be remembered as one of the most difficult years in economic and social life of Ensenada, and where the various sectors which were not all for the solution of problems and adverse policies that end today not resolved The Canacintra (National Chamber of Industry and Transformation), presided at the port by Mario Zepeda James , played a leading role in issues such as the reopening of the Scenic Highway, with negotiations and representations to the authorities of all orders.

In the same position, he says, will remain Jorge Cortes Rios, industrial fishing, and in recent years winemaker, olives and cheeses in the Valle de Guadalupe. Ensenadense having a clear need to potentiate all sectors and industries that are included in the town, and now there is a “boom” in certain areas, it must also take the view towards the other valleys, of equal wealth.

“We have 70 percent of the state territory, then leave incommunicado Ensenada is nothing more to the city, but the entire Baja California” refers to emphasize that the infrastructure of terrestrial communication pathways to the entity, is paramount to even promoting its benefits.

The problems remain and the camera will not remove your finger from the line: “It was very hard not having road, increasing the VAT increase to finance paperwork, all that functioned as an inhibitor of the economy. The good news is that we believe that 2015 will be much better. Hopefully we will not back down the road, hopefully the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation make us an emergency route … hopefully society also put their bit “.

Ríos Cortés will continue with the program of economic patriotism and expand “Local choose” to further promote local products services offered here are enhanced. “That the local public to feel protected in that sense, commitment is primarily the producer, who must have very good quality, this generates benefits for the whole population, and that money also permeates the government,” he says.

For tourism, which has gone more or less, consider diversity, such as medical tourism, which is recurrent and comes with good purchasing power, “we must develop packages that cover various things that comes to tourism wine, because it also comes to cheese, fish, come to everything, and that all such products are added, which metamos a little more value. “

While notes that there has been “some” involvement of economic and business sectors Ensenada to advocate for the needs of the region, hopes that these are dynamic: “They say ‘that post since neither God removes’ then we want organisms more ‘proactive’, that before movements we already know are made, and we can work together with the government. “

He gives the example of a bad decision that later they heard: “I particularly think that reforms do many things electronically should benefit, but for some reason asks one to any accountant and for now it takes me twice time it took me to do X before operation. I graduated in computer science, and understood that should be faster, the computer is a tool that makes us more efficient, and is not happening because something was done incorrectly. So in those cases the government should take a couple of steps back, because by making us less efficient we become less competitive every company. Which instead of having an accountant now has two makes us less efficient and less competitive in any industry or foreign company “.

Regarding the Scenic Highway, the request for an alternate route and the exception of toll collection points out: “The most important thing is safety, and that section does not, do not know if will work for several years, therefore, mainly want an emergency route is not very expensive and if we have a quicker exit to the Wine Route, then economically it is also a good solution. And excluding debt collection booths is another issue, but safety first “.

Under the theme of approval of the price of gasoline, the leader of the Canacintra insist and expects the Federal Government sees Ensenada as part of a single border area “and should neither put to consideration by all the difficulties we have past, understand that if we are more competitive is good for the government. “

-clearly Federal authorities are far, but what happens with the State Government?

“It’s the same situation, the state government should also be a facilitator or coordinator, so things done in order, and I think the governor has every intention to be so.”

In its management, forward, closer to Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, “will be sought and see how much we can do together, because the government has many resources and we can help them greatly. Also with the Municipal and Federal Government, there are many things that are there, Nomás is a question which we agree. “

Talk of philosophy that will characterize your management by Canacintra: “We owe it to society, both companies and the government, the trick is to do things with the same goal, which for me is very clear: Ensenada first . It does to some like it and others push pull, but because it is in the same direction, that should be common sense to everyone, but sometimes it is not. If I make tortillas, and another man is making tortillas and is progressing very fast, because you have to stick that will come when I will pull. There are a misunderstood competition, competition is external, not us, we should not be people of Ensenada, competition is what comes from other countries. “

And we are in an election year, what role will play Canacintra?

“We are respectful of those processes. What I will try to do is invite the candidates for deputies to come and present their proposals here, of all colors “. Ensures not line: “We have no sympathy for any color we want to hear what they have thought all colors.

“We will invite them, we’re going to offer our facilities to come here if they like to do some debate, but we are very interested in that, I say, we must all work in sync.”

– They will sign commitments?

“Look, the point is that we can not force anything. And I think they can commit to what they believe they can do, the joke is that with the same objective, if they are to compete here, they have to fight for the town, not the party’s goals, but Ensenada “.

The performance of current federal deputies when advocating for the calamities that have hit the port, the industry leader is cautious: “It would have much to say, and have much to say, and would have to talk to them ultimately why do what they do. What I do know is that new entering must wear the commitment of our community, it progresses, it progresses worldwide. All our politicians and legislators must fight for our community, I insist, we have no infrastructure, we have peninsular train, trains are doing elsewhere, tell us they are very expensive, yes they are very expensive but we need one. “

And the eternal complaint, to Ensenada as a municipality on state government does not return generating less federal level. “If we bring more because they give us more, so it should be in everything. By the taxes generated at the federal level should have a fairly high percentage to be invested directly to the entity and a small percentage left for others because it’s like when you arrive and ask for your help to support a sports team , yes you’re going to support, but we’re not going to drop all the money that goal, the ultimate goal is the welfare of your community. “

The issue of common crime has increased in recent years in the town, is more worrisome than others, exposes Cortés Rivers: “I insecurity not see nothing like the man who comes and steals. Insecurity affects you much when you have certainty about the things you do, clear rules are part of security, there are no holes, companies know they have a solid floor. If the floor has holes where there are no clear rules, there is much uncertainty, as the reforms that were made in Finance, I feel that violate companies are so difficult that we put a floor of quicksand that if you do not know caminarle above you You can build almost anyone and is very difficult to meet. Are the rules of Finance with whom we disagree, we violate too, must adapt. “

It seems that in recent years has lost weight the voice of entrepreneurs, because in regard to the issue of gasoline, VAT, or the Scenic, exhortations, requests and demands have been ignored by the authorities, “Look, it is I say, we must act pro actively. Sometimes these affiliate entrepreneurs say ‘no, because what is making the House, if I already did and I did this or the other’, many people disagree on many things that have happened. In that sense we must influence the time being forged laws so that they serve all, they do not infringe us, or make us that we have to work much harder to fulfill them. “

But usually are madruguetes that give us, right?

“Yes, the point is that those rules are devised somewhere, and that’s where we have to be us, because otherwise the body does not have the weight it should. Which we then have to complain is not as good as the one before us help you design, that’s where we have to try to influence, work together with the government for the government to see that the rules put nothing economically beneficial either business or for themselves, because if there are no companies is less money for the government too, because where money is generated is in business, nothing more, and then we all live, the government does not generate money, collects and manages. When does generate money is when supported by the places must, hence indirectly the government generates money and get back. “

In short, what is the outlook for 2015?

“It was so bad that 2014 I see right now Nomás up. I hope that both the Federation and the state and the municipality are the same, you see up and look in the same direction. “

Reiterates that Canacintra strengthen its role as manager and promoter, and above all make the government finally businesses benefit society. “From primary that should be explained to children. Sometimes it demonizes companies, make it look like entities that takes away the money, and it’s totally the opposite. We want out programs where people understand that if you do that cookie in the town and the shopping Don Toño, that money goes to spin, and the more laps gives more opportunity you touch you, and the better you go to a company, the better we will all, because it generates taxes, needs more workers, and that is wealth “.

It states that the various delegations Canacintra in Baja California and San Luis Rio Colorado are supportive of each other, regarding local issues facing each.

– But with the theme of gasoline, maybe in Tijuana or Mexicali are very happy, but in Ensenada no?

“But they understand that we all need just that with everyone else … laughs, before the tragedy but us”.

– What is happening is political, it is a punishment?

“Yes, it seems that we had to dance with the ugliest. We must not, and we believe we will make it clear to the Federation that is all here, and that we manage as a whole, all of Baja California.


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