La Bufadora Development Topes


Diagrama por

Diez  Topes de La Bufadora Desarollo Turistico/Ten Speed Bumps of La Bufadora Tourist Development

While we enjoy all of the tourists who get off their cruiseships and get on a 45 minute bus ride to Baja’s most famous flea market, a big tourist infrastructure development at La Bufadora does not seem to be a smart potential return on investment.  Here are our staff’s top ten speed bumps in the way of developing Ensenada’s La Bufadora into a world class tourist spot:

10. 4. Ensenada can’t maintain its roads, pick up garbage, deliver drinking water consistently nor seem to be able to balance it budget.   A new development takes lots of political influence and selling with investors to pull it off.  There are plenty of projects still not complete.  Ejemplo #1 is Ensenada’s Museo Caracol.  The Snail Museum has taken a snail’s pace to open.

9. What is the attraction at La Bufadora?  Some waves splash against the rocks and shoot up to 100 feet high above the viewing platform.  Oooh.  Aaah.   On calm days, your bathtub provides more wave energy than La Buf.

8. Transportation.  No airport and a 1 hour bus ride from Ensenada make La Bufadora remote.  Water taxi from downtown Ensenada, through the straight between Punta Banda and Islas de Todos Santos Islands with drop off at La Buf would truly be a wonderful tourism magnet activity.  C’mon Ensenada, you can do it!

7. Sewer?  You know what runs downhill at the today’s la Bufadora?

6. Electricity?  Seems like electricity goes out approx every other month here.  Will the current electrical infrastructure support a new development?

5. Internet?  Telnor internet has been iffy and slow past two years.  Will Carlos Slim put in the speed and reliability needed to get high speed internet out here?


4. Water?  Exactly how many water truck tanks per day would it take to keep a new development rolling?  Iknowiknowiknow that desalination is all the rage.  But, Ensenada is still struggling with its first desal plant.

3.  Carretera La Bufadora?  What is the plan on the road completion, now approx at the halfway point?  If or when the road from Maneadero to La Buf completes its last half, the construction in the hill portion is going to cause major delays and frustration.


2. Ejido vs. La Buf shop owners vs. government drama continues.  Who goes, stays, is evicted, keeps land, sells land, etc.  The land ownership battle may go on until next century.

1. WHOTHEHECK is the supposed hotel anchor going to develop without a marina or beach… or golf course?  Or maybe it’s another “eco hotel”, meaning spartan accommodations at $300/night.  “Pick your own salad greens from the cactus and bushes.”  “Pack your golf clubs on one of our llamas and hike 2 miles around the rocks to the first tee at Punta Brava Golf Club.  Turistico Hotelero de Bajo Impacto, says the first photo above?  It is a fine piece of land on that point with terrific sunsets.  Best wishes to the hotel.


foto por Bajadock

I still think a national park with minimal infrastructure would work.  But, the geniuses around here seem to have better plans.


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