Women Entrepreneurs of Baja


Women Entrepreneurs of Baja

BREATHTAKING. It’s the only word I can use to describe yesterday’s energy that overflew Mi Casa Supper Club. It was a MEMORABLE moment in my life and I consider it the beginning of the the Evolution of Women we start at MeXOXO. As I said yesterday may we hear more times that behind a great woman is a more amazing man.
Congratulations to the winners

Best Artist: Iliana Edith

Innovation: Rosy M Torres

Woman entrepreneur: Patty Villarreal


Mother Award: Ana Minondo

Social impact
Ken Kesson

Hero Award
Bernadina Diana Green

Congratulations to Jose G Ghilarducci for an outstanding MC performance.

Congratulations to all the people behind the scenes who help us make that day come true
Melody Montz Lawson
Lina Carrascal
Ginan Al-Baiati
Ana & Adrian
The Red Cross & Rosie Arrañaga Peña
To all the mi casa Stuff
Thank you Bo And Dennis Sein for their. generosity and opening their restaurant and make us feel like home with their delicious food and warm hospitality.
Thank you Janine Richardson for the trophies creation.
Thank you MeXOXO’s board Members
Robin Gunther Jennifer Kramer Marilyn Helgeson Marilynn Pardee
Thank you MeXOXO’s strategic committee members
Maria Rubio
Diego de Vries
Vicente Garcia
Brenna Britain
Maya Saryeva
Thank you Cathy Mishkin Bliss who helped to run the Jakes event
Thank you to our honorable judges
Kathy Katz
Katie Trimble
Nicolassa Galvez
Scot Richardson
Kenn Morris
Pamela Alexander
Thank you to Jakes, Ralf Oehler, for their efforts to make the livestream event memorable. They had to deal with so many unexpected circumstances due to the construction outside of the restaurant that I am so impressed with their management skills.
Holly Avila and amazing Bob Yourell you made our event very special! Thank you for being there and taking care of the details.
Thank you to the Rosarito Goverment officials and Frao Rosarito
Thank you ALL of you for being there in our hearts and on our minds and giving us that push we need to follow Baja’s advice and NEVER GIVE up. Mavourneen O’Brien

Elpida Harner
Founder & CEO MeXOXO


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  1. Posted February 4, 2015 at 09:17 | Permalink | Reply

    I had no idea there were so many blondes in Baja!

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