Sirena Ensenada Private Tours


Marianita – Tour Guide

My name is Mariana and I live in one of the most amazing places in Mexico: Ensenada, Baja California.

Here we have more than 90% of Mexican Wine Country. . . Mexico?? Wine??? Is that odd for you to imagine? Well that’s where I come in. You see, my passion for my region is great, I love our food, our wine, our artisan beer, our crafts and our adventurous coastline. My goal is to become THE Ensenada Tour Guide, and I can only accomplish this with your help and by word of mouth.

For the last 10 years I have been involved in tourism, it’s wonderful to get to know my fellow locals that are accomplishing great things by themselves, especially in the culinary and wine industry. . so when you visit with me in Ensenada,

We usually get special treatment because I try to take good vibrations to every business that is working hard to make it’s guests happy and ethically represent Ensenada.

We are a wonderful crowd down here and there are many interesting sites to see, activities to try out and food to taste, not to mention the local wine and handcrafted cervezas. I can take you to the highest end wineries or restaurants to the humblest but yummiest ceviche stand in our local’s opinion. . . not everything that’s worth your time down here will be in plain sight, you know! I love to write and create videos about Ensenada and I teach English to locals. I try very hard to achieve critical thinking – my motto is: Think Globally and act locally! Or, like my father says – Think Earthsightfully!!

If you are here for a stay – besides visiting and experiencing what our lives are like – you can see for yourself how your visit has directly contributed to the people you meet on my tours. Sometimes the sole contribution might be a smile and a hug and that’s enough for us. I’d like you to see the real Ensenada beyond the glamour of being named “Mexico’s Tuscany”. Our identity goes beyond that and I know that with the right guidance and new insight, you will leave Ensenada not wanting to leave!







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