Ensenada Rubble Dump

Because the debris generated in urban regeneration Coastal Boulevard is being taken to Sauzal Rodriguez, the delegate will ask the state authorities to provide all information for compliance with permits.
Bertha Martinez Villalobos, head, declared to El Vigia because last year detected two cases of people pulling material in the area.
. “I do not know this information I do not have the they have either officially or unofficially At first glance I can not say if it is right or wrong because they do not know where the target is,. The other is that obviously requires a permit.
“If this filler being used for an area is required and the opinion of Ecology gives us is right, and urban control says it’s okay, because I would say that is a benefit to the public or to an individual, but it gives me anxiety is that if we have learned, is not something that is regulated and possibly is not right what they are doing, “he said.
They will check permissions
Martinez Villalobos urged the companies contracted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development Ensenada (Sidu) Ensenada, to approach the delegation to meet the target, because otherwise it will be stopped any gondola to not find out what is going on.
“It’s given by some contractors to use El Sauzal. Were regularized and they have sought a proper destination. It is a very large and with many land extension. We have touched on a regular basis, illegal dumping, and we had to It ticketed some people who have been doing, “he said.
Clarifies Sidu rubble destination
José Francisco Estrada Montes, head of technical services in the Sidu Ensenada, clarified that the debris is being taken to a bank located in Cuatro Milpas crushing, by a particular dedicated to recycling.
“It has all the permissions crushing to receive the material. They are 600 thousand cubic meters of concrete roughly equivalent to half the body of the work, ie, from Gastélum the Castle Avenue,” he spoke about what they have taken from the first part of the work.
The official stressed that they have all appropriate permissions.

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