Ensenada Destruction Zone


Wow, that biker gang did some serious damage this week!

Had a few things to do in centro ‘Nada today.  Witnessed Ensenada Destruction Zone drama on Costero Blvd this afternoon.  That was quick!  As normal, click on the little pix to biggasize.        photos by staff camera clicker Bajadock

enscos1 enscos2 enscos3

enscos4 enscos5 enscos7

These photos were at approximately 3:30PM Wednesday.  Traffic proceeded smoothly with 2 lanes in each direction on the eastern side of the median.  There were lots of flag dudes at ped crossings.  Much of traffic ignored the flag dudes even though they clearly had both hands on a raised caution flag.  That usually means “ALTO pinche chofer!”, but, somehow got lost in translation.

Ensenada drivers must be trying to keep up with Tijuana’s recent ped road kill statistics.

Looks like they are almost done with the concrete smashing scene on the west/ocean side of the median.  Concrete collection was also happening per the clean looking dirt sections.

I’ll still take Costero Blvd during the construction work, as I find the 9th/10th street bypass to be more painful.  If today’s low drama Ensenada Destruction Zone is a harbinger, this project will be well worth the facelift.

The destruction stretch runs on Costero from GAStelum(that’s the street along the northern edge of the Pemex GAS station) to Castillo, between Ensenada’s tallest castle, the 11 story Hotel Villa Marina, and the more famous castle, the Riviera del Pacifico.

So, if I’m a business on Costero in the Ensenada Destruction Zone, I would prefer to have my side of the street go through hell during the winter, slow season.  The poor buggers on the inland/east side of Costero are going to endure the later destruction during summer months, ouch!



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