Ensenada 9th Street Detour

ens9thstreetdetour“Six months of construction” at Ensenada’s northern entry point beginning January?  Set your clocks.  Here is a map for those less adventurous souls looking to avoid the thrills of downtown Ensenada.

Me?  I’ll stick close to the coast on my commutes and enjoy the scene and drama.  Demolition foto por El Vigia.


Southbound detour to 10th/9th streets to avoid downtown Ensenada 2015 construction.  Stay left at this spot, just north of Hotel Coral.


Northbound detour(Novena/9th street) around downtown Ensenada 2015 construction.  This is the corner of Novena and Reforma.  Could only get this shot, as there is a big honkin Coke Truck in these scene’s northbound lane on Goggle Earth.


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    If you are coming into town from the north/east on hwy 3 (Tecate or the Guadalupe Valley) you can bypass the construction by using the new truck diversion route. Although the route is not fully completed and “officially” opened you can still use it to access the north end of Ensenada and Reforma (Hwy 1). Enter and follow the diversion route off of Highway 3 and follow it to it’s (temporary) end at Ave Ruiz. Follow Ave Ruiz westbound to Ambar, left on Ambar, then a right turn at Reforma (stoplight). this will put you on Hwy 1 headed south

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