Punta Brava Saturday


Today’s hike was via Camp 5 out to Punta Brava.  Views are world class and makes for a fun and memorable hike.

The trail from Camp 5 is not for fatties or wussies.  It’s not technical, but, your average Bar Stool Dude is not going to enjoy it.

Hey, Doc, your average 70 year old B.S.D.s don’t need to abuse their bodies beyond current steady state.

“Una mas Tecate, por favor.”

In above photo, that is Mount Soledad in background.  Land’s end is Puerto Santo Tomas.  Fly guy in this photo was my tour guide, as I was solo this Saturday afternoon.  Could not find fatties, wussies or bar stool groupies to join me.

Click on the smaller photos to enlarge

bravatrailentry bravaslip bravarock

Trail entry at Camp 5, first slide opportunity, which clearly tells you to turn back.   The middle photo of these 3 fools you into thinking you are walking on a 30 degree bank that will have you slip slidin’ away into the abyss.  It’s no prob, but, don’t bring your acrophobic friends. The rock climb here is about a 10 foot downhiller.  My rock shot is backwards to south view after my descent(see map below).

bravaanklebiter bravacacti bravacuevaAnkle biters will get you, youbetcha.  Cheetohs cacti section. Cool looking cave and rock formation.  Gotta go see the Baja bears in that cave next time.


SPLASH. The bridge and stairs were either just for a Tiger Woods promo photo shoot or designed as part of an island tee ground for one of the golf holes at Punta Brava.  Depends on which bar stool is talking.  It is definitely part of the course design, IMHO.  Golfers love water crossings on foot. It gets their bunz out of the golf buggies before rinsing their Titleists in the ocean.

UPDATE: Found this UT San Diego 2009 article showing this spot to be the 17th tee.  see course map below

The pounding surf makes the spot spectacular.  Islas de Todos Santos are in background.

Like many failed projects in Mexico, the Punta Brava Golf Development does not lack for rumors or controversy.  When they announced that housing lots would be available for a mere $3million USD, we local yahoo gringo neighbors guffawed in unison.

There is no marina, no beach, no shopping, no airport.  I don’t know about you, but, all of my billionaire friends seem to like the amenities of a Carmel Bay, Las Vegas, Dubai or Monaco.  Our Taco Tuesday feast might frighten their posse of security boys.

Gucci? DKNY? Rodeo Drive?  Our segunda shops blow them away.

Punta Brava has no electricity, no water, no sewer system?  No worries!  The villa pools will be warmed by propane, just like the local tubs of fish taco delights.

As a golfer, it would be great to have a responsible developer build a golf course here.  But, if this would just become another velvet rope to keep the likes of me out, no thank you.

This is the perfect spot for a national park.  A campground, a few concession food and beverage businesses, trash pickup and other feel good environmental efforts could make this a world class destination.  Punta Brava could be a spot for everyone and not just the pretentious needy seeking their 11th house.

C’mon Mexico, invest in this spot and make it happen.  I can see the water taxis taking people from centro Ensenada out here for a unique experience.  Oh-Em-Gee.  JUSTDOIT!  Find a certain billionaire golfer to get involved and create some goodwill on name, the foundation, reputation?  Talk about turn around image for worldwide philanthropy?  WOWZERS.

I also hear that lefty from Rancho Santa Fe is looking for a new home.

bravaelfaro bravarocksplash bravareverseView from the boards to the lighthouse, surf ripping at the rocks and the view back uphill.  Wind was 25mph and waves were 10 foot plus.  72F temperature was nice.

bravabldg bravafleur bravaesc2

A boat and some type of liquid tanks are hidden in the mystery building.  Maybe someone can provide a clue on this stuff?  Friend Pablo noticed the water catching roof on the building during last week’s hike.  Flowers on a rock that got in my way, justicia californica/chuparosa/hummingbird flower? and the stairway and bridge lead to paradise.

bravaislaframeOn my way through the fisherman’s trail, east of the boat ramp, decided to turn around for a shot of Islas de Todos Santos.

pecamp5pbravaloopFrom my house at the red arrow in above goggle earth pic, did this loop Saturday, 24 Jan, clockwise.  Trail around southwest end of Punta Brava has short rock climbs and dropoffs if you are whimpy.  Ask me, as I’m the head whimp around here.  Found the fishermen’s trail east of the boat ramp.  That trail is not easy to follow.

I have “a friend” who has handed the guard at the gate of the paved road on north side some taco money to gain easy entrance vs. the brush beating of the fish guy trail.  My bloodied shins are asking my we needed the secret trail challenge on the north passage.

Just short of ten miles on this hike and lots of bending and bunz workout are making the Pacificos taste better while I write this in the evening.  CHEERS.


Course layout courtesy of Tiger Woods Design.

2011 NYTimes article with the last info I have seen published on the Punta Brava project.


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