Ensenada Gasoline vs Tijuana Gasoline

Bajadock: First noticed the difference in Ensenada Gasoline vs Tijuana Gasoline prices just last November.  Where have I been not knowing this?  9.59 per liter vs. 13.57 per liter is a whole bunch of Pacificos and oysters.   If they start regulating the cost of beer and tacos within 20K of the border, then you will see some serious social uprising.
Ensenada was again excluded from consideration as border strip to the decline in gasoline prices. The cost of that fuel has decreased since yesterday in Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali and part of Playas de Rosarito.
In Mexicali Magna gasoline was down 75 cents at a price of 9 pesos to 78 cents, while the Premium declined 76 cents and the price is 9 pesos to 84 cents.
The prices of these fuels in Ensenada are priced at 13.57 and 14.38 Magna’s Premium.
Comparing local to the state capital of rates, there is a cost difference for ensenadenses 3.79 pesos per liter in the Magna gasoline and 4.54 pesos per liter in what concerns the Premium.
In Tijuana and northern Playas de Rosarito price fell 9.59 10.38 Magna and Premium.
Compared to these municipalities have an unfavorable for ensenadenses 3.98 pesos per liter in Magna and Premium 4 pesos in dispute.
Juan Manuel Arellano Lara, president of the Association of Gasolineros of Ensenada, said that this situation has caused leakage consumers to other municipalities and noted that since early this month is drafting a letter asking the federal government deemed to Ensenada the same rates for other border cities.
However, he said, still have not met the required to file such petition signatures and nonconformity.

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