Punta Banda Lighthouse Hike



Thanks to new friend “W” for leading a motley crew of hikers out to Campo Elin, aka Tiger Woods’ stalled Punta Brava golf development.  Click little pix below for full size.



pbravapeak  pbravaardilla  pbravacuevas

It was a perfect weekend that felt more like January in South Florida than Baja.  Our route started from my house(red arrow) and descended down to the Rancho Packard neighborhood.  Counter clockwise was our path.  The return route, after a U turn at the lighthouse, split from the coast to get back up to my hood, Puerto Escondido.

The Punta Brava golf development property looks so much bigger here vs. the view from Cabo Punta Banda, the microwave tower hill overlooking this point.

The five of us hiker agreed that this would be an excellent national park.  But, whatever is happening with the bureaucrats and legal beagles may not allow that in our lifetime.

Ten miles and nearly 2,500 feet of elevation climb made the beverages taste better.  Sleep was out of this world.

Will do a Camp 5 to the lighthouse hike this week, either Friday or Saturday.  Holler if you are up for it.


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