Ensenada Street Signs


Bajadock: OMG, street signs in Ensenada?  This place will be like Orange County, CA soon.   I can’t imagine this place with visible street signs for easy navigation.  This is going to minimize the drama and adventure of finding new locations.  Maybe that’s why my property tax increased a few percentage points this year.

Ensenada.net Article posted January 10, 2015
by Damaris Cuevas

Road signs with anti reflective vinyl and to ensure greater safety on roads, were placed this morning in different parts of the city by staff XXI City of Ensenada.

Roads Department Staff Administrative Office with support from trained on a new way to renew road signs, through vinyl, technique used by the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

This technique allows motorists to observe from a distance the marking indicating high, because the letters are made with anti reflective vinyl material, which is more visible at night.

With the above method of oil–painting each worker Roadway signs renewed eight per day, whereas with this procedure, on the first day of training, one worker renewed 15.

This modernization will multiply the renewal of signals until 50 daily per worker, which means that the city will in no time signs that provide greater road safety.


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