La Bufadora Drama Continues

foto por El Vigia

Bajadock: Someone in government needs to demonstrate some leadership YESTERDAY, if not sooner!  GEEZO, to quote one of my neighbors!  Either negotiate a settlement or execute the law.  This on again off again repeated Keystone Cops episodes hurt everyone including the tourism and the local economy.  

“Come to La Bufadora and enjoy genuine Mexican artisan hand crafted gifts made in China while inhaling tear gas and scuffling with police bats.”

Stay tuned for the next “Coparazzi La Bufadora Battle”.

foto por El Mexicano

An alleged eviction “unstamped” was what prevented merchants from La Bufadora were driven for about 80 federal agents who arrived in trucks to the tourist area at 09:00 am Tuesday.

A district judge ruled in 2013 in favor of Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantú so they recover land inside the mall, and after an attempted eviction last August 22, by the Municipal Police, yesterday repeated the operation without results.

As a result of the action, six people, including a child under 3 years of age, were slightly injuries caused by the impact of tear gas, falls and blows to various parts of the body derived from the pull between civilians and effective. Besides the five commodity business was secured and returned later.

Ruben Reynoso, Secretary of agreements, confronted with vendors mall who claimed he shouts, shoves and obscene words, their inability to execute the warrant.

“Authorized (eviction) but they have not let me talk to them, is what I want to say. Everything is attached under the law, “replied while he was cornered by protesters.

It was four hours from the arrival of the federal forces, the attempt to enter the premises located near the marine geyser, aggression that troops used tear gas to move up to removal thereof at 13:00.

The ejido as a spectator

On the other hand 40 members of Ejido Esteban Cantú Coronel were, along with the curator Rafael Ponce, who expressed disappointed that the authority has not carried out the eviction.

“The situation has reached such a degree and has been a big problem. Everything was done according to the order of a judge and a clerk and we believe that things were done properly. Is very complicated and I doubt you can accomplish something, “lamented the curator.

The plan was that once returned the premises, the commissioner must submit to the State Government to launch an investment project to dignify the shopping area for years is in decline.

Escrow La Bufadora

Trust Chairman of the Bufadora, Luis Alonso Tirado, made clear that such representative has no authority to intervene in the negotiations between affected and the relevant authorities.

“Two years ago the trust lost the right of way and have nothing to do, just came to see what” he said.

On the possible investment project plans the Ejido Coronel Esteban Cantú, recalled that the trust has a concession for 30 years in the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat).

He said the mayor Gilberto Hirata Chico, did not give instructions on how to proceed in the place of eviction.

Marco Rodriguez, has 44 years selling souvenir items in La Bufadora, and yesterday morning was caught with a phone call informing him that one group of people pulled all merchandise from your local.

At the foot of your business, a lump of black bags that keep thousands of pesos goods were insured by federal authorities after they broke the locks out local products.

He recalls that when he arrived in the area were seven tenants and at that time, “the Ejido non-existent”.

“We pay federal area because it was the agreement we had with the architect Alfredo Avila Escoto, and he charged us who was in charge of federal zone” recalled the affected.

Tourists visit suspended

Tours of the tourist area were suspended for both domestic visitors and cruise passengers who buy their tours in advance.

Once the troops withdrew, traders celebrated with excitement and said that La Bufadora be open and will continue in the struggle for the defense of space.


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