New Maneadero Mall


Artistic rendering of new shopping center at the “Y” in Maneadero

El Mexicano

ENSENADA.- An estimated 30 million pesos investment will be launched this week with the start of construction of a new 2-acre shopping plaza in the Ejido Nationalist Sanchez Taboada, Maneadero, which will have two large anchor stores nationally renowned and also have 16 malls, projecting building an upscale hotel in the area, all with money from landowners.

Raymundo Carrillo Huerta, president of Ejido Naciona-list Sánchez Taboada ade-Lanto that new investment that will launch the ejido looking detonate the area economy and create at the same time more than one thousand direct jobs during construction and another thousand and finished, and that within the mall is planned to install a chain of department stores nationally renowned stores and national level.

“Although the City has stonewalled behind obstacles to generate development Nationalist ejido Sanchez Taboada, Maneadero where even completely abandoned him on the issue of garbage collection and works, the landowners do trust our community and so in the next few days we will begin the construction of a new shopping mall, which will have a total investment of 30 million, the leader of the landowners said.

The mall will be installed on ejido land located in the “y”, where the town is split to go to the South or the Bufadora, which looks like anchor store as one of the most important commercial centers nationwide and clothing store nationwide will also have shopping centers that are authorized to sell food, clothing and entertainment centers.

The work includes occupy about 2 acres, also will feature 16 local, which will have enough to receive visitors from parking areas; The work is the first step, but for the second stage to create a first class hotel is contemplated that the rooms have views over green farmland, where you will see the planting of vegetables and flowers each season.

The mall seeks to renowned restaurants nationwide are installed on it, and already has had several approach currently interested in being part of the new commercial development.

Carrillo Huerta said the architectural design is edgy and modern, which generate that is in the taste of the audience; The work was designed by an architect and engineer of the state of play is Maneadero and all personnel working in construction.

Nationalist ejido president said while the estimated more than 30 million pesos and seeks boost the economy of the area and create jobs at all levels work, a new agricultural enterprise is rising in developed fields Maneadero ejidatarios, which will involve an investment of close to $ 4 million.

This company, located at the northern entrance Maneadero are installing 15 acres of greenhouses, which will employ over a thousand people in a direct way to completion and about 500 during its development and installation.

“The City Council has abandoned us, we do not deserve even that we collect the garbage, but we invest and generate more taxes than many of the employers in the city he praises the mayor,” said Carrillo Huerta vigorously on behalf hundreds of residents Maneadero Fed up with the abandonment in which the community is located.

Just ordered equal treatment, because as Ensenada and as investors we need respect and equal treatment, we are a different people, we are a people equally and with the same estate and investment, “Carrillo Huerta recalled.




  1. Posted November 22, 2014 at 08:25 | Permalink | Reply

    Dock: Wow, multiple posts a day! You are working very hard at this website, and your fans appreciate it! You provide a constant flow of useful information, and are a great resource to Americans living or interested in Baja. Well done!

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    Hahaha…..and I’ll bet an In-N-Out!!!!

    • bajadock
      Posted November 22, 2014 at 08:49 | Permalink | Reply

      I still have not had an I-N-O burger. Hodad’s is also on my list.

  3. Posted January 30, 2015 at 01:00 | Permalink | Reply

    Wow, este escrito es increible, mi hermana pequeña está
    investigando sobre estas cosas, así que voy a informarle.
    Saludos Steffen.

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