Move to Baja


For 22 years, this successful little tech company in Denver and its building at 1400 South Colorado Blvd was my hangout.  It was a good run for me and I learned a lot about business, technology and people.  12 years ago this week(8/12/2005), I traded a corner office, the Porsche 911 and big house in a golf course community for a little change of pace.

Trips to British Colombia and France that autumn were fabulous.  But, my friend T’s invitation to visit Panama turned out to be my best vacation ever.  Panama’s sights, people and beauty were amazing, as I had never been south of Florida in North America.

But, the possibility of living in Latin America was the biggest part of the vacation.  That Panama trip was January 2006.  BTW, today is the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama canal.  If you have never been to Panama, I highly recommend it for its cosmopolitan city, hidden beaches and beautiful coffee producing mountains.


Photo from my front patio in Denver, 2006…Largest tree was one of 3 maples that all survived.

During a very cold and wet winter in Denver, I continued remodeling my home in order to sell it, make a profit and move.  Where?  After construction work during the day, night time was spent researching the internet for my next home.

Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, and other countries in Latin America have hundreds of real estate websites full of propaganda.  Promises of future golf/tennis developments, swimming pools, airports, marinas eco parks andon andon are the standard theme “coming soon” to each development that you research.

Climate is also a big expat propaganda item.  Minimizing summer heat and humidity with subjective phrases like “cool ocean breezes” and “gentle Caribbean zephyrs” attempt to mask the 40C/104F temperatures and sauna-like humidity.  Climate happened to be my #1 priority for my next spot in the universe.  I would trade a couple months of cooler(50F days, still golfable) winter weather  in exchange for a mild summer days at 80F and less.

A couple of fuzzy brain cells remind me that the climate thing brought me to researching the Pacific coast of Baja.  The more I read, the more it appeared to be a perfect fit.

In August, 2006, 2 days after my house sale closing, I began my drive west.  Peaked at real estate in Rosarito Beach, Ensenada, San Quintin, and La Paz.  It was 103F in La Paz that September.  Drove all the way back to Denver homeless, boo-hoo.

Two days later, a realtor in Ensenada that was out of town during my trip called and asked when I was returning.  Flew to San Diego 2 days later, took the bus to Ensenada and bought my lot.  Thanks, J, for the SD accommodation.

Back to photo above, I had one of the south facing offices with a terrific view of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs(thanks J &F).  But, I think my current view, below, is a smidgen better and also removes the snow from the mountains.



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