Rain in July?



One thing we rarely get is rain.  A rain storm is more unusual.  Lighting and thunder are a once per year occurrences.

No lo creo!

Lazily cleaning up my photo files and suddenly I hear this belching eruption from the sky.  A thunderboomer just broke out in my neighborhood.  Lighting is dancing all around Punta Banda.

This squall was moving northwest, per the photo above.  Then it reversed course and I skee-daddled back to my monastery for cover.  Saw lighting bolts attack the point of Punta Banda.  That’s the quiet volcano at the northwest tip of our neighborhood with all of the antennas and microwave dishes.

Rain lasted a few minutes and any precipitation is welcomed.  The fresh smell is fantastic.

Here’s the weather underground radar shot of the storm.




One Comment

  1. Ralph
    Posted July 27, 2014 at 10:23 | Permalink | Reply

    You guys need a LOT of rain! I almost had my wife talked into moving to Ensenada area…..but water shortages there…..have changed her mind. ..damn it!

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