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Dove into my computer’s photo folders and files.  YIKES, what a mess.

That little project led me to my Flickr photos that I linked to via the Bajadock/Ensenada Gringo website here.  While my house construction and charity photos had interest for me, those photos are like looking at your neighbor’s grandkid or cat photos.  One will suffice and sleep is induced way before you’ve reached the 152nd photo of cute little Josh’s Batman Halloween costume.

Just kidding to my neighbor with the cat named “Josh”.   That is the cutest cat in creation, especially in his Batmask.

So I axed the Flickr link, and replaced that with “Doc’s Baja Photo’s” link.  I’m limiting those photos to Baja travel and scenery.  There are only 24 photos in that link right now, but, these are my favorites of my hiking and roving around my neighborhood.

Three of the photos are not mine and I gave credit  with thanks to my neighbors for my photo shoplifting.  Thanks “I”, “D” and “M”.  Any and all photos around here are free to share without crediting me.  One exception: when I credit another photog(like Lima below).  Those guys are trying to make a living at it, so, please reference their names/sites, as do I.

Will add and update photos as I find oldies that are worthy and new candidates that jump up and slap me.  Like a seldom-used closet or storage spot on a garage, it’s amazing the amount of junk photos and downloads I can accumulate in a few years.  Still having “whattheheck did I save that for” moments as I delete, delete, delete.

I have been tutoring a couple of locals on computer, facebook, photos, files, etc.  Just found myself guilty of DOASISAY, not DOASIDO!  Naming files and photos is typically one of my strengths.  But, I found some of the most abstruse naming conventions to old photos that I had lost/misplaced.

Obviously, a pro photog I ain’t.  The outdoor subject matter here is far superior to my photog skills.  But, I’ll keep hacking away at the beauty and share it.


For a pro photographer, check out Edgar Lima’s site.  He has some of the most stunning photos of Baja’s scenery, like this one of the Valle de Guadalupe.

If you are looking for photos of smiling gringos stuffing their faces with food or wine, you will be disappointed here.  I rarely post photos of people.  I have several friends, to whom I can refer you, with daily posts of hundreds of photos of gringos stuffing their faces with food and wine, grandchildren in costume and cats, some of which are naked.



  1. bob miller
    Posted July 27, 2014 at 20:46 | Permalink | Reply

    You photos are magnificent. No, they really are. They capture some very unusual scenes. Have you ever been able to see a rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB, off the Central Calif coast?

    • bajadock
      Posted July 28, 2014 at 08:16 | Permalink | Reply

      Thanks DMR. No, I have never seen the scene at Vandenberg. cheers.

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