2014 Baja Fire Season



Update with El Vigia Wednesday, April 30 article below…

Fires between Tijuana and Ensenada today.  High temperatures and winds make for tough beginning to fire season.

The fire clusters appear to be in the La Mision area and the hills southeast of Rosarito Beach.


Over 25 fires in vacant lots and buildings, were attended by fire personnel yesterday as a result of the Santa Ana winds condition, said Jaime Nieto de Maria y Campos.
The director said that the Fire elements responsible fought the various incidents from 10:00 pm until press time were still claims assets 10 simultaneously around the city, such as in the area “El Tigre”.
The municipal official said that among the most important facts to be dangerous, was the ranch ‘La Encantada’, northeast of the town as well as the explosion of a gas tank in the colony Cuatro Milpas, due to the increase of temperature.
It also caused grassland fire alarm and trash behind the gas station located between the street and Amber Reforma Avenue in Valle Verde, another colony in a home of former ejido Chapultepec and two in San Miguel.
Also suffocated conflagrations in the vicinity of the cement, at the height of fractionation Villas del Prado, the municipal delegation Maneadero and San Antonio de las Minas.
Banners and blackouts detached
Moreover, employees of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), were commissioned removed at least 10 spectacular canvases damaged by strong winds, because tangled in the wiring.
And as a result of the movement of the cables, several blackouts were raised in the urban area, mostly in the downtown area.
Also lights of the city were temporarily without service, the affected lines that conduct electricity, prompting the mobilization of police officers and Municipal Transit for the coordination of road traffic.
Staff of the Directorate of Civil Protection Municipal attended by various reports falling poles, tree branches, lighting, spectacular canvases and power cables without reported injured.



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