Cerveceria Wendlant

Cerveceria Wendlandt Ensenada is this city’s favorite brew pup and gathering place.  One thing tricky about this brewery is its understated entry with no sign.  It is located on Costero, between Starbucks and OXXO on the west/ocean side, just south of the fish market entrance.

You will usually only find locals, as the tourists have already waddled back to the buffet on their cruise ship and the expats are glued to their mainstream news or tuned into prancing with glitter shows after sunset.  Hours are 6PM- midnight, Tuesday-Saturday.

On a recent Wednesday night visit, the rest of Ensenada was very sleepy.  But, Wendlandt had nearly every seat occupied at 10PM.  The room has a warehouse feel with brick walls and big dark wood beams.  I’ll guess capacity is about 80 beer quaffers mas o menos.

Wendlandt features its own brews, the usual Mexican bottle selections, and several other Baja micro-brews plus some SoCal favorites like Ballast Point and Stone.

Tapas are the perfect food for beer tasting at Wendlandt, including tacos and seafood.  Krista Velasco and Diego Hernandez are on the ownership team.  Diego is the chef at Corazon de Tierra in Valle de Guadalupe, so you know that the food is fresh and delicious.   Food menu changes regularly.   Wings and tuna quesadillas were a recent feature.

And if you are in the Valle de Guadalupe looking for a change to your wine day, check out Troika, the food truck on the same property as Corazon de Tierra.  Troika features Wendlandt beer and tapas in an outdoor setting.

Back downtown to Wendlandt brewpub, this is officially my favorite spot in Ensenada to drink beer and strike up my Spanglish with the locals.  The very big beer selection, simple food offering and the friendly service are an Ensenada must-DO if you enjoy beer.

Bar stools, funky atmosphere, unique eats, capacity < 100 and several items on the menu for less than $10USD?  That gives Cerveceria Wendlandt a Five out Five HOPS Dive Dining Rating.


646-178-2938, Wendlandt Facebook




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  1. Posted February 8, 2014 at 11:07 | Permalink | Reply

    Hey Dock:

    You are on a roll! Great stuff lately, you are a real asset to the American community in Baja. Keep up the good work.

    Roger S.

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