Wine Valley Rescue

Bajadock: The Rancho Olivares mega development in the wine valley first became publicized in early October of 2013.  Public protests about the wine valley land use, water supply and improper procedure from the previous Ensenada mayor(Pelayo) and city council(XX Cabildo) brought pressure upon the politicians.  We wine and party animals have one question!  Does this mean that the protest of cancelling the Vendimia wine harvest events is over???

El Vigia, Ensenada, BC – The controversial regulations for the Zoning and Land Use for Urban Sector Program-Tourism Development of Viticulture Valleys, as well as reforms to the installation of gas stations, made during the reign of Enrique Pelayo Torres, left yesterday without Indeed, by unanimous agreement of the XXI Cabildo Hall.

Aldermen, trustee and mayor approved the above Regulations and the amendments to the regulations for the construction of gas stations were not published, and initiate a process of reviewing both regulations.
Although both regulations have already been approved and submitted for publication in the Official Newspaper of Baja California, did not enter into force.
 Protests and demonstrations
The rules for wine regions generated at the end of the last municipal administration, various protests and demonstrations, and was approved in a process that was heavily criticized.
The same happened with the amendments to the regulations for installing gas stations in this town.
Given the disagreements, the State Government responsible for the Official Newspaper-through-Oficialía and then elected municipal authorities agreed not to make the publication of these agreements, and thus prevent them from entering into force.
The Cabildo agreement yesterday that inicará established a review process and modification of normativities mentioned, and for this joint work will be done with winemakers, subject specialists, residents of the wine areas and those interested to participate.

Changes to Branch 33
During the City Council meeting held on Wednesday, the mayor Gilberto Antonio Chico Hirata submitted a proposal for amending the Manual of Operations Contributions Fund for Municipal Social Infrastructure Branch 33.
The changes recorded in previous administrations avoid failures that led to these remarks by the audit institutions.
He said that the social approach Ramo 33 resources will remain a priority, so it will be the Sedesom dependence to head the work to implement the background, along with other municipal buildings, the Cabildo and neighborhood committees.
Municipal Receivership mentioned that will play an important role in accountability and transparency of the proper management of resources.
The point of agreement was referred to the Committee on Finance and Municipal Heritage for consideration, discussion and approval.
Named Municipal Liaison
Secretary of Municipal Social Development (Sedesom), Samuel Albestrain Pérez was appointed municipal liaison to assist with the national coordination of Human Development Programme “Opportunities”, following approved unanimously by the council’s point of agreement presented by the mayor Gilberto Hirata Chico .
He said that through the national coordination of the program, was applied to the presidency the appointment of a municipal bond to help identify, support and monitor national staff coordination for the selection of potential beneficiaries.
Assets Declaration

Also at the regular meeting, the mayor, procurator, trustee Ssocial and aldermen issued the filing of the statement of financial position, they delivered on time and to Municipal Receivership.
The trustee Ivan Ochoa Alonso Barbosa noted that this act giving effect to the provisions of the Law of Responsibilities of Public Servants of the State of Baja California, as well as the provisions of the Rules of Procedure for the City of Ensenada.
Harsh criticism
The rules for wine regions generated at the end of the last municipal administration, various protests and demonstrations, and was approved in a process that was heavily criticized.

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  1. bob miller
    Posted February 6, 2014 at 10:08 | Permalink | Reply

    This is great news for an extraordinary and unique land of growing. What the prior city officials wanted to do would be about the same as redeveloping the town of Tequila, Jalisco into subdivisions, condo’s and shopping malls. Greed is what it’s about.
    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

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