Border Patrol Paintball

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EL MEXICANO, SAN DIEGO -. Border Patrol San Diego trains minors shooting capsules of paint at a mannequin that looks like an illegal immigrant who just crossed the border illegally by the Board.

Some photographs of these practices were reported Thursday by the Border Services Committee Chairman Friends of the Americas, Pedro Rios, who other images that appear described which children aged four and five reserved.

Rios said that these two pictures in particular correspond to a practice that led the patrol with children last year, but reported that the same dummy was found yesterday while participating in a protest against the patrol Murrieta. California.

The human rights leader deplored San Diego area which shows that children practiced shooting against alleged undocumented corresponds to the same area where the other side of the wall a few hundred meters away, hundreds of homeless survive between many of them deported.

In the first photo an official uniform administrative activities of the Border Patrol Kids presents a series of arms called “pinball” game clashes with tablets marking paint impacts.

In the other picture shows at least one of those children who shoots mannequin resembles an undocumented, with the double fence in El Bordo.

The photographs were released at the same time when a national newspaper reported Thursday that the patrol ignored recommendations of the U.S. government to review its use of deadly force and establish rules for the use of firearms.

The protest she attended Murrieta Rivers was an arrest and the recent beating shot on two immigration officers beat a migrant who was later charged with assault and faces 30 years in prison.

The only witness denied that beating the patrol said officers applied up to four electric shock stun the undocumented, and as his body shook proceeded to pin him with punches and a knee to the neck.


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