El Corcho Rosa

El Corcho Rosa, Valley Girl Baja Wine

Stop #4 of 11, September 2013 Valle de Guadalupe Cork Trail Tour

Needed a change up this early afternoon, so made a VIP reservation at a small  Valle de Guadalupe wine bar, El Corcho Rosa.

There was a crowd of Sitara’s friends there to help her with her Sunday afternoon grape crush.  Errr, make that a gang of grape juice drinkers were hanging at El Corcho Rosa for intensive quality control studies.

Sitara is in year two of her wine making and Valle de Guadalupe adventure.  She also provides tailored wine tours of the wine valley’s eclectic wine offerings.  I had the recent pleasure of two very different Sitara wine tours.  In addition to excellent wine, I learned a lot more about grapes and met some of the most interesting wine makers in the Valle de Guadalupe.c

But, back to wine DRINKING!, Sitara’s current cellar offerings from Valley Girl Baja Wine…


ALSO, Lady in Red: Mourvedre base with Grenache and Syrah

50 Shades of Red: Grenache base with Mourvedre, Cabernet, Syrah and Barbera

Tattoo Lady: Cabernet

We sampled the Sauvignon Blanc(Gold Sister) which was perfect for the warming afternoon sun.  The valley has cooled considerably this week, so that the high temperature today only hit 80F/27C.

Met a handful of locals and some Rosarito Beach invaders at Sitara’s.  Seemed that this gang has been around each other before, but, everyone welcomed us and gave us the wine descriptions.  Nice people to meet and chat, as you would expect of friends of Sitara.

Enjoyed the Tempranillo(Bold Sister), which is a very good wine value, bursting with bold flavors.

Sitara really was working her grapes off that day, as she has been all month.  I was able to catch her for about 30 seconds.

Had to fly to our next victim, so said goodbye to El Corcho Rosa and will invade again soon.  Here is the location:



Winemaker Sitara



  1. bob
    Posted September 26, 2013 at 22:02 | Permalink | Reply

    Kudos for your recent sharing of your wine valley experiences.

    • bajadock
      Posted September 27, 2013 at 10:06 | Permalink | Reply

      So much changes in the wine valley every season. I’m in catch-up mode and thankful that a few friends leave cork trails.

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