November 9 Tijuana Border Crossing Photos

Approaching old Tijuana Crossing Gates

This was my maiden voyage through the New Tijuana Border Crossing(aka “El Chaparral”).  [click photos to enlarge]  Interstate 5 south approaches the old(pre-November 2012) Tijuana crossing as normal.  It was a very sleepy scene during my noonish Friday, November 9, 2012 crossing.



Right turn bend at old Tijuana gates

The right hand turn could be tricky during traffic or if you are towing something.  I decided to draft behind the pickup with lumber, hoping that would provide “cover” for me.




Tijuana Border Corridor West

From early reports, I thought this corridor would be an old alley full of vendors and characters.  It’s approx 1/4 mile long stretch of new concrete.




Red/Green Gates at Tijuana Border Crossing

The new Red/Green light gates have attendants providing direction.  Guessing that there were 12 gates.  Got a reprimand from the attendant and warning to put away my camera.  Maybe he was having a bad hair day.



1,2,3,4 primary inspections stations after green/red light gates at Tijuana Border Crossing

Without my camera, did not photo the 4 primary inspection areas, just after the red/green light gates.  I was red lighted and hand-signaled into the #2 primary inspection area.  They gave me the signal to pull into space #3.  I was carrying lots of luggage from my Cabo San Lucas trip, groceries in Von’s bags, a case of beer, 2 bottles of wine and an expensive home water pump.

Construction materials and electronics have historically required a duty payment.  Having spent my life’s savings during the Cabo trip past 2 weeks, I was interested in a “duty free” import border crossing.  Inspector opened my Pontiac VIBErator’s back hatch, 10 second inspection seeing wine and beer, asked me where I lived.  Then he asked me to open engine hood.  I was in and out of primary inspection in 1 minute.

Exiting Secondary Inspection Area at Tijuana Border Crossing

I kept my camera “holstered” due to my nervous attitude about the water pump.  Secondary area is located directly after primary.  Secondary had approx 20 spaces for cars and it was full during my drive through.  Fun seeing the media, right side of this photo.  Guessing that they were waiting for the afternoon rush for a 3 day gringo holiday for Veteran’s day.



Tijuana Border Crossing Ramp to “Playas, Rosarito, Ensenada”

Much better sign and ramp to head west to Highway 1, Playas, Rosarito and Ensenada”.  I remember my first attempt in 2006 Tijuana.   The old merge 2 lanes right, and my U.S. trained “Exit sign is placed BEFORE the exit”, onto the tiny ramp toward “Scenic Road” failed me in 2006, providing me with a free tour of downtown TJ.



Tijuana Border Crossing over Rio to Scenic/Toll Road

Tijuana’s “Revolucion Arch” looks like a neighborhood kids’ project rising out of the barrio instead of some iconic international symbol.



2012 Tijuana Border Crossing merges with old route headed west toward Scenic/Toll Road


After the 180 degree loop from east to west over the Tijuana River, you merge back with the old route on your way to the toll road.  Though the entire new TJ border project has a few more turns in it than the previous edition, it has much better signage and is well-designed.



The spots of the 9 photos above are plotted on the New Tijuana Border Crossing map below.

photos courtesy of our intrepid staff photographer, Papa Razzi.  


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