Bahia Asuncion

Finally got to meet my friend Shari in Bahia Asuncion.  The scene was a unfortunate and sad due to the death of a friend of the community that week.

But, we met a few people, before unpacking from the 8 hour drive from San Quintin that morning.

Juan & Shari’s B&B is on the rocks of the Pacific with crashing waves and barking sea lions providing the welcome.  We stayed in the “rock room”, a rustic, romantic getaway.  Enjoyed the near full moon and an Argentinian Malbec on the patio with the cool breeze that evening.

Through the somber wake for their lost friend in Bahia Asuncion, we were able to find some humor.  My girlfriend had a minor prescription need for some pain.  2 farmacias stocked the meds.  But, the 2nd farm’ said follow her to her house and she may have what we needed.

Sho’ ’nuff, we scored the drugs from this little spot off the main drag.  They only had enough for one night’s pain relief, but, that sure helped.

The other fun was in finding a restaurant in Bahia Asuncion.  Our tour only found grocery and beer stores.  No bar or restaurant appeared for us.  We got lucky when locals pointed us to the green building 100 yards from the funeral ceremony.  “Comida rica” was the description of this little place.

Only problem was that the owners, like most everyone else in town, were attending the funeral.  Restaurant was closed. Too bad, as we gotta believe the seafood would have been heavenly.

We dined on almonds to pair with our delicious Malbec.  Cheers.


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    with teams from Guerrero Negro, Vizcaino, San Ignacio and La Bocana competing. We were proud to put up the La Bocana team at the Beach House and together with local expats here, we organized a pot luck BBQ for all participants. It was really fun to get together with the families from out of town and meet new friends. The kids were awesome and we all look forward to helping them get better gear. Here is a link to the slide show of the weekend’s festivities.

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