Ensenada 101

Ensenada’s iconic seafood stand “La Guerrerense” made it to Newsweek’s the “101 Best Places to Eat In the World”.

Inside the weekly edition from August 13 to 20, the culinary-themed article featured on the cover, lists gastronomic spots throughout the world, based on recommendations made by 53 renowned chefs including Anthony Bourdain, who early this year visited the stand, owned and managed by Mrs. Sabina Bandera.

see map upper left corner of this site…1st & Alvarado

“Mrs. Sabina Bandera González serves the most incredible, fresh, sophisticated and colorful tostadas you can imagine”, said Bourdain in Newsweek. “Incredibly phenomenal, it’s totally worth the trip from Los Angeles.”

The picture of Sabina and her ceviche tostadas leads the section dedicated to Latin America in the magazine’s countdown. The article recommends the clam, octopus and abalone tostadas.

With over 40 years of history, the emblematic stand located between First and Alvarado Streets in Ensenada, is famous for its ceviche tostadas, its salsas and its seafood cocktails.

Last July, La Guerrerense was awarded with the LA Street Food Fest’s highest prize beating over a 100 competitors from restaurants to street food stands.


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