Vino Bandito Three Pines Cuvee

By Juan del Norte, un amigo del Vino Bandito

Three Pines Cuvee Red

It’s a locaton-challenged wine with the San Antonio Winery which is actually located in the Los Angeles downtown historic district.  And, they truck their wines from the equally challenged San Luis Osbispo area.  And, they have to make this as a blend of Syrah, Cab and Merlot.
That should be 3 reasons to pass on this one, but…..
We bough a half case of TJs Pinot Grigio for “Ana”, and I was browsing for a few to fill the rest of the case.  I picked up 6 reds purchased solely on price (< $6) and label attraction.  Some were $3.99 and some were $5.99, not sure where Tres Pinos fell in, but it was cheap.
But…then the tasting!  This wine defines the flavor descriptor often used of black cherry.   Their lable says this wine is “jammy”.  No, not sweet, but very very bold.   It is a 2010 and very ready for sipping now.  It is not a dry red as in Italian style.  Rather, a heavy red that you could swill with cheeses, cold cuts, or a pork dish especially.
Three Pines Cuvee is highly recommended to the Vino Bandido.

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