Cabo Punta Banda




As you have seen in my previous posts, the Punta Banda peninsula is full of great hiking and amazing views.

These photos(click the smaller ones for large size) are from my 29 January hike out to the point, “Cabo Punta Banda“.   The elevation is 1,185 feet above sea level and provides 360 degree views of the area.  GPS N 31.7416  W 116.726

Entry to Cabo Punta Banda is from the paved road to La Buf, right exit at Camp 7, KM 18.  It is the sight of the palapa roofed picnic ground.  The dirt and gravel road does steepen to approx 20 degrees in some spots, but, a decently treaded pair of walking or hiking shoes will get you there.  Dozens of microwave dishes dot the towers on top of this hill.

Weather was a perfect 80F, wind light on this Sunday hike.

First 3 pix view southwest to the peaks of Punta Banda, Mount Soledad(3,727 ‘) and my neighborhood known as Puerto Escondido.  Caught a bee doing its thing around the Agave Shawii plant(“aka “century plant”) that blooms once, then dies.  The cactus skeleton is the foreground in the photo of the residential and tourist area of La Bufadora.

I did take a less obvious trail around the southern end of the point that dead-ended in thick greenery.  I have several scrapes from agaves that were defending their habitat.  Thin skinned is me.

Two photos following the skeleton view northwest over the Punta Brava resort of the Flagship Group and Tiger Woods.  I have nicknamed the development “Campo Elin”.

The Islas de Todos Santos are two islands that are part of the rocky continuance of the Punta Banda peninsula toward the northwest.  Looks like one island, but, the taller island closer to camera hides the waterway between the two.  Big surf competition happens on the west side of these islands.

Scan north is the panoramic view of the Ensenada coastline and downtown cruiseport.  Found a small fishing boat patrolling point with a curious supervisor hanging on the rock behind.

Favorite quote about my possible move to Baja in 2006…”Baja?  There is nothing but desert and rocks there!”.


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