Turkey Carcass Wine Tasting

by staff wine critic, El Vino Bandito                 

My 22lb bird entertained two dinner parties before jumping into the hot tub for Sunday’s turkey carcass soup event.

In the past, I have transformed my turkey into all sorts of ethnic variations.

Yesterday, I stayed with a traditional version and added Anaheim peppers, cumin and sage for a slightly southwestern soup.  Had approximately 2 pounds of meat in the 10 quarts of soup along with a medley of vegetables.  I also added my thick turkey gravy, which came from the butter and whole wheat flour coating the cooking bag in which my bird baked.

Thanks to guest “M”, we enjoyed La Noche Buena beer for happy hour to get us started with some mixed nuts, black olives and celery w/ blue cheese dip.  I had forgotten how delicious this medium-light bodied Bock style beer can be.  Noche Buena is only sold from October to December in Mex grocery stores.

I served brown rice(another rare Baja item) separately for those wanting a starch foundation upon which to ladle the estofado de pavo.  My guests enthusiastically poured on the Sriracha salsa to their dishes.

Guest “R”, brought a 2009 Cupcake Merlot that was a perfectly light pairing for our bubbling bowls.  Though I am not a fan of Merlots, this one is medium bodied with lots of fruit and little acid.

When my guest proudly announced the $8 price tag, all of us agreed that this wine earned a 4 out of 5 cupcake tins rating.  Wish we had a second bottle, because this Merlot got even better after 10 minutes of idling in the glass.

Moved to the Rabbit Ridge 2010 Allure de Robles, one of my favorite $5 Trader Joe’s values to finish dinner.  The Allure de Robles was just a little lighter than the Cupcake Merlot, but the Rhone style always makes me happy.

Opened a 2010 La Ferme Julien Rouge, a very light Rhone, for dessert.  Guest “J”, fresh from a trip to southeastern France, was a little behind on the wine progression and recognized the Ferme Julien label.  “J” was disappointed to see the bottle empty.

Lucky “J” that I had a second bottle.  I almost always buy two of any new wine experiments.  Guest “H” also enjoys these lighter wines, like these Rhones or Pinot Noir, that will pair well with most any food choice.

This Mont Ventoux Ferme Julien wine was an ideal pairing for the dessert of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries served with cream.

And I knew I was having a good time, as I approached the bottle’s screw-top cap with my waiter’s corkscrew.  Noticed the screw-top just in time and my guests enjoyed the laugh.

Editor’s note:  Pregunta:”Hey, Doc, what’s with the initials only on your guests?”  Respuesta: Dinner guest witness protection program.  It keeps my activities a mystery, covers up poisonings from my food and helps to promote my reputation as a recluse among the gringolandia gossipers.


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