Ensenada Toll Road Slide

Editor’s note, 9AM PDT UPDATE: Ensenada Tope Grande!  Apparently, the Toll Road has slid further(can grammar police help me here?), sometime during the night.  Hope nobody was hurt, or worse.  This will end the weekly asphalt patching and force Mexico to figure out long term routing, likely via Free Road. 

Construction on Free Road also caused delays.  Red highlight on map, a few miles north of the ‘Nada toll booth is where the asphalt adventure is located.Coming south, Free Road access is at La Mision/La Fonda exit and rejoins hwy 1 just 400 yds south of the Ensenada toll booth.  It will only take you a few minutes longer, so enjoy the beautiful inland countryside.  Free road map below.

So, Fluffy, you were worried about your perfect souffle and cheesecake textures for your tea party today?

Like Butch and Sundance, “Swim?  The fall will probably kill you.”  You won’t get out of Tijuana with your head attached to your body, so why worry about a little land slide?


El Mexicano article

The Scenic Road recorded four new sinkings this day, one of more than 60 inches in both directions of the road.

The flaws have caused long lines of cars, especially Tijuana to Ensenada, a 93 kilometer.

Reported waiting up to half an hour to cross this stretch, since only one of the two lanes, the low speed (right), has been enabled for the crossing.

The subsidence in the two lanes of Tijuana to Ensenada already been repaired, but in the opposite direction still continue to work.

Complaints of drivers have been expected, especially because nobody tells them the state of the roads, but they have to pay their full toll, despite the delays that this generates.


Editor: WOW


foto de El Vigia


Ensenada Toll Road Slide shows before(yellow lines) and after. OUCH!

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  1. zoesterone
    Posted December 28, 2013 at 07:19 | Permalink | Reply

    I am so glad you sent this as I might have missed it. (although I do go into Gringo most mornings) I am going to Punta Banda for a play Monday night and this could have been a stinker. We will go El Tigre instead…thanks to this email. This is stupid, but I have never taken El Tigre and am not sure where it starts on “our” side..how far after the turn to the valle. Do you know? Is it well marked? Z

    • bajadock
      Posted December 28, 2013 at 08:50 | Permalink | Reply

      Z, From Rosarito, exit at La Mision/La Fonda. It will take you inland, up the El Tigre Hill toward wine valley. It will spit you out back on to Hwy 1, 400 yds south of the Ensenada toll booth. It’s a beautiful ride, but, watch truckers.
      Cheers from Orlando

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